Tie Dye Birthday Parties

A Tie Dye Birthday is a wonderful idea and a party to remember!

We bring lots of colour, fun and creativity to every party

A Tie Dye party takes between 1 – 1 & 1/2 hours.

Together we learn the colours of the rainbow, primary colours and how to make a groovy Tie Dye spiral effect. This is a very unique keepsake for each child to remember the special day.

Aspiral Design brings all the colours of the rainbow and more. We have fun, get creative and leave NO mess!

  • Tie Dye one garment – $15 per child
  • Tie Dye two garments – $20 per child

Party holder supplies white garments

Want Aspiral Design to supply a groovy garment idea?

  • We can bring cotton pillowcases to Tie Dye for a special party price of $4 each!
  • Or cool calico bags to Tie Dye for only $4 each!

*Minimum of 10 children per booking *

Let us keep all the children busy and entertained so you can relax and enjoy the special day too.