Introducing Krafties | Craft Incursions and Activations in SE Qld

I am super happy to share that my Pop-Up playground buddy Sparky Do Dah and I are collaborating on a new project called Krafties.

We are now offering a range of Craft Based incursions and activations – perfectly suited for Vacation Care and Shopping Centres.

I’m proud to say we have launched Krafties with a Pom Pom Workshop, a Slap Band Workshop, a String Art Workshop, and we will continue to add new projects as we grow.

Our primary goal is to develop a range of quality craft experiences that were engaging, developmental, and rewarding. We wanted to do something beyond the basic art primary-aged children do most days in class. Sparky Do Dah and I have researched, brainstormed, and tested a range of projects. Sparky Do Dah is in his element as he focuses on the backend mechanics of the workshop delivery, and I am handling the bookings and staff.

We hope that Krafties will become the 1st place to check when Vacation Care or Shopping Centres are pulling together their programs.

We would also REALLY love your help to spread the word! If you are connected to a Vacation Care or Shopping Centre, please wave our flag.

The event industry was rocked by Covid. Everything Sparky Do Dah and I had worked for in our businesses stopped overnight. Although we are working again, bookings are down on pre-Covid and the Covid cloud looms overhead with the ability to again stop things in an instant.

If restrictions return and public gatherings are limited, Krafties will also allow us to drop off these Craft Kits and the Aspiral Design DIY Tie Dye Kits to Vacation Care Centres and they can run the activities themselves. It’s nice to have that safety net.

If you would like to keep in the loop, please visit Krafties on Facebook and Follow along.